Dinosaurs, ancient plant life, prehistoric animals.
Here is a website showing how this artist depicted them all in his paintings.
Tiere der Urwelt Cards
Sets 1, 2 and 2A Illustrated by F. John
Sets 1A and 3 Illustrated by Heinrich Harder

  The Wonderful Paleo Art of
Heinrich Harder  (1858-1935)

Heinrich Harder was born in 1858 and lived in the Northeast part of Germany, where he studied painting under Eugen Bracht. Living mainly as a painter and selling his landscapes, he also provided illustrations of animals for books. He took on some students around 1906. That same year Harder did a series of illustrations for the Naturalist Wilhelm Bolsche, who wrote a short history of the planet earth. The articles appeared in the weekly family magazine Die Gartenlaube. When the Berlin Zoo added an Aquarium in 1913, Harder was commissioned to paint murals of extinct creatures around the perimeter walls. He also created relief sculptures of some of the animals as well. The main entrance to the new Aquarium was adorned with a life sized Iquanodon sculpture by Harder. The Reichardt Cocoa company had been issuing a series of collector cards of prehistoric animals and Harder was recruited to illustrate two series of them, for a total of 60 illustrations.  Wilhelm Bolsche wrote the description of the creatures for the back of the card. Harder also illustrated a book by Bolsche, Tierwanderungen in der Urwelt in 1915. Harder went on to become an art professor at the Berlin University.
Below are small versions of his paintings,
click on any one to view its larger version.

Earth History Illustrations from the 1906 articles in Die Gartenlaube

Archeopteryx            Trilobites                 Early Earth                  Early Earth                 Ichthyosaurs

       Brontosaurus                       Cenozoic Scene                        Ursus                              Mastodon
Prehistoric Animals from 1908 in Tierbuch by Wilhelm Bolsche

           Phenacodus                               Dinotherium                               Sivatherium            

           Megatherium                                Glyptodont                           Elasmotherium                                  Dinoceras  


Prehistoric animal murals and sculptures for the Berlin Aquarium

                 Ichthyosaurus Mural Art          Ichthyosaurus Mural Art
       Pteranodon Mural Art                              Ichthyosaurus Mural Art                  Plesiosaurus Mural Art

 New Berlin Aquarium facade 1913    New Berlin Aquarium Iguanodon 1913       
 Original Aquarium around 1935            Main Entrance with Iguanodon            Rebuilt Modern Aquarium
click here for large Mosasaurus desk-top image Illustrations for Die Wunder der Urwelt 1912

Mosasaurus vs. Ichthyosaurs                    Pteranodon                      Gigantosaurus

click here for large Rhamphorynchus desk-top image

click here for large Pteranodon  desk-top image

click here for large Archegosaurus desk-top image

The 30 collector cards from Tiere der Urwelt (Animals of the Prehistoric World)
Series Ia (from a set inscribed 1916)

            Glyptodon                             Megatherium                               Moa                                 Woolly Rhino

        Plesiosaur                                 Iguanodon                          Rhamphorynchus                       Sivatherium

         Dinoceras                                 Dinotherium                          Stegosaurus                          Hesperornis

         Hadrosaurus                             Pteranodon                           Archeopteryx                         Ichthyosaurus

          Diplodocus                                 Trilobites                                Limulus                               Ammonoid

        European Ox                           European Bison                     Archegosaurus                           Coral Reefs

            Echidna                                   Platypus                              Ceratodus                                Hatteria

        Woolly Rhino                              Great Auk

click here for large Sea Lillys desk-top image
The 30 collector cards from Tiere der Urwelt (Animals of the Prehistoric World)
 III (date unknown, probably around 1920)

        Arsinotherium                            Moeritherium                         Paleomastodon                      Mastodon

     Imperial Elephant                            Tarsius                                   Seelilien                           Moschusochsen

         Dorcatherium                            Protoceras                              Teleoceras                           Aceratherium

        Metamynodon                            Hyracodon                             Alticamelus                            Klippdacks

          Höhlenlöwe                            Pantolambda                          Coryphodon                           Elotherium

            Oreodon                                 Hyaenodon                            Waldrapp                               Paleotherium

         Phenacodus                               Eohippus                              Mesohippus                           Hypohippus

          Hipparion                            Przewalski Horse
Prehistoric animal Illustrations used in the 1914 book Tierwanderungen in der Urwelt
(Animal Migrations in the Prehistoric World).
(a few are duplicates from above and are not shown).

               Meiolania                          Moa                    Extinct Horses                      Dinotherium


It's interesting to realize that Harder worked about 100 years ago, without the aid of any graphic computers or programs to help with any layout. There was no such thing as an ergonomic desk for artists, just regular ol' desks and easels which makes the level of detail and attention spent on these paintings truly amazing.

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