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50 Years of Victorian Fashion Illustrations (1840 - 1890)

The Era of Hand Colored Fashion Plates, Antique Dresses and Vintage Clothing
If you look at these illustrations, you will see that the models were not rail thin, but had very normal figures and were not as concerned with diet plans. Current models are much more concerned with weight since the fashion industry has changed and diet more frequently.

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Arthur's Home Magazine
Arthur's Home Magazine - January to December 1860

Godey's - January to December 1864

Petersons - January to December 1860

Petersons - January to December 1871

Petersons - January to December 1886

Columbian - January to December 1844

Grahams - June to December 1851

Petersons - January to December 1863

Petersons - January to December 1877

50 years of Fashion Illustrations from popular magazines featuring ladies dresses, antiques, cuffs, skirts, hoops, frames, pleats, weaves, patterns, prints, styles, buttons, outfits, cuts, designs, winkle hawks, blouses, hats, millenary, wool, cotton blouses, etc., etc., etc. from both sides of the Civil War period, as featured in Godeys, Petersons, Arthurs, Grahams, Columbian, Ladies Friend, and more.