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The Era of Hand Colored Fashion Plates, Antique Dresses and Vintage Clothing

Columbian Magazine January-December 1844

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Columbian Magazine February 1844 Fashions
Columbian - February 1844

Columbian Magazine May 1844 Fashions
Columbian - May 1844

Columbian Magazine August 1844 Fashions
Columbian - August 1844

Columbian Magazine November 1844 Fashions
Columbian - November 1844
Columbian Magazine March 1844 Fashions
Columbian - March 1844

Columbian Magazine July 1844 Fashions
Columbian - July 1844

Columbian Magazine October 1844 Fashions
Columbian - October 1844

Columbian Magazine December 1844 Fashions
Columbian - December 1844

50 years of Fashion Illustrations from popular magazines featuring ladies dresses, antiques, cuffs, skirts, hoops, frames, pleats, weaves, patterns, prints, styles, buttons, outfits, cuts, designs, winkle hawks, blouses, hats, millenary, wool, cotton blouses, etc., etc., etc. from both sides of the Civil War period, as featured in Godeys, Petersons, Arthurs, Grahams, Columbian, Ladies Friend, and more.