A Collection of Illustrations From
Popular Sources Published Prior to 1923

Prehistoric Animals   Today's Animals  More pictures 
Dinosaurs and other Mesozoic Creatures -
Early published black and white illustrations
  Fish Pictures    
Woolly Mammoths, Sabre Tooths -
Creatures that lived after the Dinosaur era.
  Birds of New York Fashion Illustrations Victorian Fashion Plates
Art of Heinrich Harder (1858-1935)   The Animal Kingdom - Beautiful colored prints of the world's creatures Guitar Illustrations
Tiere der Urwelt Series 1 and 2 by F. John   Library of Natural History
A Collection of Animal Prints
Bones - Early published skeletal reconstructions of Prehistoric Animals   Animate Creation
Natural History Chromolithographs by L. Prang
1905 Set of 18 Chocolat D'Aiguebelle Cards from France
Prehistoric Animal Skeletal Reconstructions
  Buffon's Natural History - Copper Plate Engravings from the 1791 Edition
Book III (16 pictures)
Book IV (70 pictures) 
Book VI (32 pictures) 
Book VII (57 pictures) 
Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
The New York City Paleozoic Museum
Hawkins Iguanodon          


    The illustrations on this web site are, to the best of my knowledge, in the public domain. They are available for use for school projects, reports, research, etc. Their status is such because they were published in the United States before 1923, or they were published outside the US and the artist died over 70 years ago. If you plan on using them in a published project I would advise you to use your own resources to verify the pictures are indeed available. I can help with source information if needed.